Is your transportation company one of the many in US that has hard time hiring professional, disciplined, hard working CDL drivers? How many trucks of yours are standing still for far too long?

The struggle is real, and the struggle is holding back your business from growing to it’s full potential! I know, I’ve witnessed this situation many times…  

However, it’s not your fault! It’s just hard to reach out to the perfect drivers of yours, simple as that. There is the problem.

But, there is no problem that can’t be solved. And for this one, you can count on us! We were able to find many drivers for many transporation companies in the last two years… Some of them required couple of drivers only, some 10+, but MMJ Transportation had 50 freaking truks driverless. 

Let me emphysize the word “had”. Now, all of their trucks are rock and rolling the highways of US. They are killing it. 

Chi – ching!!

If you watched the video, you know how we did it. But that was the front end, that everyone but us was seing. In the background we had to go through couple of steps in order reach the right people for MMJ transportation.


We Jumped on a Call With The Owners of MMJ Transportation

We had like 15 minutes conversation about their business. They telled us where they are from, where they usualy pick up loads and their delivery routes… We needed that info, so we know where to handpick drivers from. 

They were very precize when they said they wanted drivers with 2 years OTR, over 23 years old

– No problem, we said. 

– And could you target veterans? Millitary veterans?

Allright we got a bit confused there… Like… why?

– Oh, they are super disciplined, hard working guys… And they stay out of trouble, they said.

– Huh, we haven’t thought of that, we said. But sure, there should be no problem reaching out to millitary veterans/ truck drivers.

– No pressure there, but for each veteran we will pay you extra, they said.

– Cool. And, how many drives would you need? 

– 50.

– Alright… that would probably take about 3-5 months. Is that fast enough for you?

– We are struggling for a year now, and we only hiried 9 drivers… So we would be HAPPY if you find us 50 drivers in 5 months.

And we talked about more specifics in the following 10 minutes….

P.S. We got their new drivers in less than 3 months. Can you imagine how happy they were?

And this is how we found their 50 new CDL drivers … Step by step.

First We Photoshopped Some Images, For the Promotional Material

Than We’ve Created Videos With The Same Images…

Video always works best… We can give out more info with the videos, it gets people to stay focused longer on what we are showing them… We can get more data back, and see who watched the video to the end, or at least half way through… That kinda helps us with indentifying the drivers interested in the offer. 

And lastly, ad images just don’t tend to work as good.

Next We Run FB & Google Ads, To Get The Drivers to CALL YOU!

Using latest methods of targeting, we create an audience according to the needs of our client. Besides like the basics like truck drivers, age, years of experience OTR and millitary veterans, we used a couple of secret Aces from our sleeve to find the appropriate people and show them the videos. 

We can’t just give out our secrets publicly like this… But we will share them with you over the phone later…

Lastly, We Are Monitoring the Data And Retarget The Drivers That Showed Interest in Working for MMJ, but haven’t Signed Up Yet

After couple of weeks, we now have identified the first drives that are somewhat interested in working in MMJ. This is the step where the magic happens. Using retarget options, in this stage we are forcing our ads to follow the super targeted drivers everywhere they turn in the internet space… 

Our ads are now showing in their Facebook feed constantly. Facebook and YouTube videos are interupted again with our ads. Their Instagram feed and stories are also our target to display ads. Heck, even their favorite websites are showing our ads to these people from this point on, until they either apply for a job, or we finish our mission and stop the ads.

This method of ours WORKS. It’s been proven numerous times to always deliver results. No matter if you only need 1 driver, or 100. We can make sure that your trucks are on the road constantly. 

If the wheels ain’t truning, you ain’t earning, right..?

Alright, let’s get you your experienced drivers now.

Lastly, We Are Monitoring the Data And Retarget The Drivers That Showed Interest in Working for MMJ, but haven’t Signed Up Yet




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