open your first overseas OFFICE

Relocate your office operations to Macedonia, Europe

Oversee Office is a trusted partner to US transportation companies who are looking dramatically reduce business costs, and save millions per year, by relocating most of the office operations to a hidden gem in Eastern Europe – Macedonia

Did you Know?

there are over 3,200 companies in Macedonia that are connected to the US trucking industry

Why Macedonia?

Savings in the Millions per Year

There are many factors to be considered when making the decision of relocating to Macedonia as the best destination for ensuring a high return on investment, but three factors are crucial:

  • Macedonia has the lowest wages in Eastern Europe
  • A large pool of qualified and competent US Transportation specialists such as dispatchers, brokers, recruiters, marketers, accountants and more, all with exceptional English skills (written and verbal)
  • Perfect business climate for foreign investors
  • But most importantly, because Macedonia is already a hub for many US transport & logistics companies and their day-to-day office operations, because of the great financial benefits these companies are getting in the long run

Is Macedonia safe?

Absolutely! Of course there is your typical big city, small time crimes happening, but Skopje's center is really safe to walk around, even at night.

Who should relocate their office operations to Macedonia?

Trucking Companies with 20+ Trucks, looking to save millions


How long the relocation lasts?

Depending on your size and preferencess, this process usually lasts between 2-5 months, until you start to actively save substantial amount of funds, each day.

Why let Oversee Office handle the relocations?

We make Transport Office relocations to Macedonia easy

The Yoda to Luke, in Macedonia, we are to you.

...but the cultural bridge that we maintain between you and your new employees, is priceless

It's not just about picking the right people to work for you... even though it may sound abstract, the "cultural translation" that we will provide for you and your employees is key in setting the foundations of your new overseas offices.

We'll help you understand the culture, and also help your new employees understand your vision!

In Macedonia, we are already connected with


experienced CDL-A driver Recruiters


Experienced Dispatchers


Active Brokers


other specialists in the US transportation industry, such as safety managers, accountants etc

Your dedicated, experienced Macedonian team can be built within a month, and your operations up and running at 70% less costs.

You will also have the perfect excuse to visit Greece or Italy as your next summer vacation, paid for by the smartest business move you will make this year...

Over $3,500,000

Average Yearly Savings for companies with 50+ trucks

But besides building the team, we will Oversee your Oversea Office, until we are no longer needed, and you have your own people in place to run the Macedonian offices.

We also have stratigic partnerships with the local real estate agencies, so we can get you the best deals on your new offices.

Build Your Dispatch, Recruiting, Accounting and Brokerage Departments in Macedonia

and save up to 70% on operating costs, while 

DO TUKA E IZGRADEN PAGE-OT, primerite od tuka pa nadole gi cuvam za idei…

HOW will Transportation Code make my drivers' retention rate irrelevant?

By providing a stable recruitment process that will dramatically drop the
Overhead Cost per Hired Driver!

Our Highest Recorded Costs per Hired Driver

Our Average Costs per Hired Driver

Our Lowest Recorded Costs per Hired Driver

Given our previously mentioned averages, How much Could a Hired Driver Cost You?

We are eager to compare your job offer to our previous data, and get an estimate based on our previous results. In order for us to be able to do that, we’ll need to know your driver positions available and your offer to them. 

what's transportation code process to MAKE MY DRIVERS' RETENTION RATE IRRELEVANT?

adaptation phase, active sourcing & active recruitment

adaptation PHASE

to your recruitment processes

active sourcing

of drivers who show interest in your company

active recruitment

to bringing new qualified drivers to your trucks

the processes are executed for your company by

the following teams work together to bring drivers to your doorsteps

Your account manager will be one of our digital marketing specialists with 5+ years of experience as marketers, and at least 2 years of overlapping experience generating driver applications for many carriers accross the nation.

You will always have two primary points of contact – the Senior Account Manager and a Senior Recruiter.

Dedicated recruiters with at least 2 years of experience recruiting OTR drivers for couple of different carriers. Most of our recruiters have 3.5+ years of experience.

This will in the very least include one experienced social media advertiser and social media manager, but depending on your needs, size and budget, more social media advertisers and others specialists might be included such as Google Ads specialists, all working together with your Senior Account Manager in order to generate as much applications possible.

A team of professional graphic designers and video editors/producers will create new content (custom-made images and videos) each week, all with the goal of attracting and hiring CDL-A drivers for your comapny.

TOTAL Team Value = $33,596 ,on average, on the low end, to hire up to 10 drivers per month...

…and that’s not counting the monthly advertisement budget required to generate leads, all the office space and equipment needed for the team to operate, and all the other costs that come along with 10 new people.

With Transportation Code, you are getting double the value for a 10th of the cost!

...that's how

We'll make your CDL Drivers' Retention Rate

Meet the people that will bring OTR truckers to your trucks.

This promise is based on 7+ years of experience as an organization, and over 250 happy clients that are continuously entrusting us with solving this problem for them.

How much can we save you per hired driver? How much could our teams save you each year?

It’s not a matter of “if” we can save you thousands, rather than how much each month. 

Click the “Get a Quote” button, start a short 10-15 minutes process, and find out.

No Long-Term Agreements.

We don’t force our clients to stay with us for years. We believe in delivering value to them and let them choose how long they want to cooperate with us.

We operate on a month-to-month basis, but once you get comfortable with us and stop worrying about trucks without truckers, we can offer you a better quarterly or yearly discount on our services.

other ways we can help you grow your Transportation and logistics company

clients favourite aditional services

Brand ID from Scratch

Opening a new transportation company?

Let us handle the pillars of your online presence, with the primary goal of attracting and hiring truck drivers for your company.

Brand ID from Scratch

Everything to get your new company the digital brand presence it needs in order to adapt to the new tech age.

From standardizing signature colors, combination of signature fonts, logo creation, website development, building a social media presence, graphics for print, and so much more...
Help me Build my Brand from Scratch

IT Support Team on Retainer

Team of one Full-Stack Dev, WordPress Dev, and a Meta (Facebook) specialist ready to respond in 10 minutes if a problem of a digital nature occurs.

Besides the extensive experience in each of their respective fields, all of our specialists are also trained to work within the transportation industry.

IT Support Team on Retainer

This service is like insurance.

Over 90% of the clients that subscribed to this service, subscribed after a huge IT problem have happened to them such as website crash, social media restrictions, hacks and other similar problems. More than often, the cost of the damage done is greater than having a regular IT maintenance of your digital assets.
Help me Solve my IT Problem

A La Carte

You need a website that will attract CDL-A drivers? A new logo? Or graphics to print on your semi-trucks and trailers?

Maybe you have your own leads source, but need reliable recruiters to process them?

You can get most of our services individualy.

A La Carte

Browse the selection of our "A La Carte" services. If the "problem" is digital and in the trucking industry, we can help you solve it.
A La Carte Services

OTHER premium serviceS

Ready to scale up your operations in the most cost-effective way possible, or to simply cut over 72% on your office operation costs?

What if you can move 90% of all your office operations overseas, to a developing European country where/that:

  1. most of the young population have perfect English written and spoken skills
  2. offers huge tax breaks for foreign investors
  3. there is a huge workforce that’s already involved in the transportation industry, such as dispatchers, brokers, accountants, and obviously recruiters and marketing specialists
  4. and offers close access to the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches, for your summer vacation and office visits

Ready to save millions per year?

Our twin organisation Dispatch Code will make sure you don't lose neither truckers, nor profits.

Dispatch Code specializes in flatbed, dry van, reefer, and box truck dispatch. They guarantee exceptional driver care and exclusive access to our network of brokers. 

From our twin organization you can expect:

  1. Free Trial
  2. Dedicated and experienced dispatchers
  3. Full Paperwork handling
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. And so much more…

Some of Our Clients

George - HR at RoadLegends INC (previously MMJ)
We were struggling for so long to attract owner-operators and grow our fleet. We had loads, but no drivers to deliver them.

Luckily, I stumbled upon their ad on Facebook and we gave them a chance to help us in recruiting O/O.

That was 3 years ago. We still use their services when needed.
Click Here
George - HR at RoadLegends INC (previously MMJ)
We were struggling for so long to attract owner-operators and grow our fleet. We had loads, but no drivers to deliver them.

Luckily, I stumbled upon their ad on Facebook and we gave them a chance to help us in recruiting O/O.

That was 3 years ago. We still use their services when needed.
Click Here
George - HR at RoadLegends INC (previously MMJ)
We were struggling for so long to attract owner-operators and grow our fleet. We had loads, but no drivers to deliver them. Luckily, I stumbled upon their ad on Facebook and we gave them a chance to help us in recruiting

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