What is The Hardest Part of Starting a Trucking Career?

Are you contemplating becoming a truck driver but don’t know where to start? Read the article to discover the hardest part of starting a trucking career.

Starting a new career has always been difficult, especially when it comes to the research that goes behind it. The trucking industry is filled with terms and regulations that the common man isn’t well informed about, so it might get a bit confusing and overwhelming for new or future truckers. 

Even though truck driving is one of the more rewarding jobs, it comes with a lot of challenges. That’s why this article will focus on everything there is to know about the hardest part of starting a trucking career. Continue reading to find out more about truck driver problems!

As we’ve seen tons of beginner truckers struggle with the same trucking problems, we want to provide you with a list of the most common ones:

  • Double Clutching and downshifting
  • Making right-hand turns
  • Starting from a stop on an incline
  • Parallel parking
  • Adjusting the driver’s seat and the mirrors properly
  • Any type of backing maneuver, especially straight backing

But the biggest problem in the trucking industry, that hinders almost all rookie and many experienced drivers, is none other than misinformation. This is an immense obstacle that plays a key role in the success of your trucking career.

While everyone is hyper-focused on the physical aspects of the job, like the double clutching and backing maneuvers, the cognitive aspect lingers in the shadows. Once you start researching the trucking career, you’ll soon realize the misrepresentation, misunderstanding, and miscalculation that go hand-in-hand with it. 

Differentiating true from false

One of the most common misconceptions is that companies are holding their drivers back. There are claims all over the internet that drivers are cut short of their profit and they can’t make good money because of the companies they work under. 

The truth is that this whole business relies on moving freight and that goes both for the company and the driver. The more miles you cover and the more freight you deliver, the bigger the paycheck is. That’s why it’s considered a results-oriented business, where the top performers make the top pay. 

Moreover, doing a large volume of work is a foundational principle for success in the trucking business. It’s rooted in performance-based pay, thus truckers are paid by the mile. 

Things to Know Before Becoming a Trucker

There are a few trucking industry issues to consider before deciding if this is the right career path for you. As we mentioned above, it takes dedication and hard work to achieve success. Here are some other trucking issues that go together with the trucker lifestyle: 

The first year

As with any other job, it takes time to get used to the new surroundings and regime. Therefore, it’s only expected for the first year of your trucking career to be the most difficult one. It’s quite demanding to learn the ins and outs of living on the road, getting used to the expectations of the industry, and sharpening your driving skills. 

Have in mind that you should never be afraid to ask for help or advice from the more experienced drivers. They’ll be more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you. It’s important to work together with your colleagues to keep the roads safe. 

Home time

One of the hardest problems faced by truck drivers so far is the solitude this job brings. While some enjoy it, others find it hard to leave their family and friends behind for long periods of time. It’s important to keep in touch with those close to you, even if it’s just a phone call or text.

The home time you get usually depends on the company you work for. While some offer it weekly, others may ask for up to 3 weeks on the road. 

Isolation can often contribute to declining mental health, especially when we’re up against loneliness on the road. It’s important to keep track of your mental health and reach out to a professional if you ever feel the need to.

Attention on the road

It’s especially important for truckers to always have their full attention on the road. Even though it may get quite exhausting, you must always be aware of your surroundings. This especially concerns other drivers on the road.

In today’s age, tons of people are easily distracted by their phones, are in a hurry to get somewhere, or just don’t pay attention on the road while driving. That’s exactly why a truck driver needs to anticipate other drivers’ movements and avoid any accidents. 

Weather concerns

The difficult weather conditions also make this job more challenging. Truck drivers don’t always have the luxury to wait out a storm, so it’s important to be ready to drive in all types of weather and check the forecast regularly while on the road. Winter time is particularly troublesome for inexperienced drivers, therefore make sure to read up on the safety measures. 

Prioritizing health

It’s never easy to be cooped up in a small space for countless hours. This makes it hard for truckers who spend a huge portion of their life on the road to maintain a healthy balanced diet and a fitness routine. 

Try preparing meals before you set up on your next shift, so you can just preheat a healthy meal anytime. You can also try out some fitness routines suitable for smaller spaces or at least spend a couple of minutes going for a walk while you’re taking a break.

Truck maintenance and breakdowns

It’s common for truckers to experience truck breakdowns that leave them stranded while waiting for maintenance. In such cases, you not only lose hours of your time, but also money from the missed miles spent while on hold. It’s recommended to look for a company that provides breakdown pay, so you can get paid even while you wait. 


In conclusion, even though the trucking industry is quite a rewarding career, it still comes with certain difficulties. We went over the common issues in the trucking industry, as well as a couple of health tips you can try out. Keep in mind that the long hours, short home time, and focus needed isn’t for everyone. 

We hope that this article helps inform you about the hardest part of starting a trucking career and what to expect from it, including the problems faced by truck drivers. It’s up to you to decide if it’s the right career path for you. Don’t forget to pay attention on the road and stay safe drivers! 



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